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Violin Chinrest

A properly fitted chinrest that is securely mounted on the violin is the first step to being comfortable with your violin. We carry a selection of good quality chinrests that will fit the majority of full size violins and provide many alternative positions of the violin on the shoulder.

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Model - DresdenChin1/2

Good quality Ebony chinrest made to the Dresden pattern. This is a small version specifically designed for the 1/2 size violin.

Price 11.64

Delivery 3.30 

Model - DresdenChin

Good quality Ebony chinrest made to the Dresden pattern. Slightly larger than average chinrest that needs careful fitting to the violin but is extremely comfortable for the larger person.

Price 14.64

Delivery 3.30 

Model - HillChinrest

Well made Ebony chinrest made to the popular Hill design. Comes complete with mounting kit and a little tool to tighten the screws. Very comfortable rest.

Price 16.25

Delivery 3.30 

Model - Guarnerichin

Good quality nicely finished Guarneri styled chinrest in Ebony. Suitable for a full size violin and some 3/4 sized models. Comes complete with good quality chromium plated fitting hardware. A very popular design.

Price 17.45

Delivery 3.30 

Model - FleschNewChin

Well made Ebony chinrest to the New Flesch design. This chinrest fits over the tailpiece and provides a very comfortable support if you want your violin to be slightly higher up your shoulder.

Price 18.57

Delivery 3.30 

Model - TekaChin4/4

Good Quality Ebony Chin Rest. Comes with the mounting hardware and even a little tool to tighten the barrel screws. A very comfortable rest that will fit the majority of full size violins

Price 18.97

Delivery 3.30 

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