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Cleaning Your Violin

Keeping your violin strings clean will make them last longer and be easier to play. Use Piratsro String Cleaner to remove the build up of rosin and the grease from your fingers. Here is a good choice of violin compunds to help keep your violin in tip top condition.

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Model - Hidersol

Hidersol does what it says on the bottle. Made by Hidersine it cleans and revives varnish. Good for removing rosin residue but should be used sparingly, especially on expensive violins.

Price 3.75

Delivery 3.30 

Model - HillPegCompound

Hills Peg Compound. A traditional cure for pegs that no longer turn easily. Apply this paste to the part of the peg that mates with the sides of the pegbox. Acts as a lubricant for sticky and difficult to turn pegs.

Price 6.25

Delivery 1.25 

Model - PirastroCleaner

Pirastro String Cleaner, removes the build up of rosin on the strings that can dull the sound and make bowing more difficult. Wipe a little of this on the strings and they will be as good as new. Keep it off the varnish though !

Price 6.45

Delivery 3.30