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Violin Details

Model: Loreato - Size: 4/4

The Primavera Loreato is the highest level in the Primavera range. Made from well selected Spruce and with a nicely figured Maple Back, Ribs and Neck. The violin shows finer workmanship than many student violins and this shows in the improved tone and playability.

The Fingerboard, pegs, chinrest and endpin are of good quality Ebony. The violin has Swiss model pegs and a Teka model chinrest usually only found on better quality instruments.

The varnish has an attractive semi matt finish with slight antiquing.

We set these instruments up in our own workshop and with the factory strings they produce a good resonant tone without being harsh.

The Case is a good quality and very stylish oblong model with room for two bows and compartments for shoulder rest, rosin and spare strings. The exterior is of waterproof black fabric and the inner of deep red plush. There is an external full length zipped pocket to hold music and detachable shoulder straps so that the case can be carried on the back like a knapsack.

There is also an octagonal brazilwwod bow with an ebony frog and unbleached white horsehair. Lastly a Hidersine V3 Rosin.

An excellent medium price outfit for the improving violin student.

Price: 195.00