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Model - Prima200PlusExR - Size: 4/4

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

The Primavera 200 series of violins are extremely good value, they won an award a couple of years ago for that very fact.

Made from well seasoned Pine and Maple they are hand made and nicely finished. The Ebony pegs respond well to extra work to make them fit properly and the fingerboard is of real Ebony, not the stained hardwood used in so many budget violins.

We take the best of these violins and spend quite a lot of time in setting them up. We replace the strings with a set of Corelli Crystal and as well as our normal setup for the basic violin we spend time lightening and adjusting the bridge, replacing and adjusting the sound-post and re-working the nut and fingerboard.

The result is a very nice sounding violin at a very competitive price.

The outfit comes with a Carbon Fibre bow and a rosin in an upmarket Dart shaped case with a plush interior

An excellent violin up to about grade 5 or 6.

This one has been returned after a few months rental. It really is like new.

Customer Comments: I can't believe it sounds so nice for that sort of price. Even I can make a nice sound and that says a lot. I had a (professional musician) friend look over the violin and she was really impressed with the set up and value for money. So thank you.

Price: £160.00


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Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin