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Violin Wooden Parts

This section is for those hard to find little bits of wood that are essential to the violin. Things like End Buttons, Top Nuts, Saddles, Fingerboards and lengths of Soundpost.

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Model - Ebony Nut

Pre-shaped nut of good quality Ebony. Much darker than the photograph. Will need final fitting to the violin before use.

Price 0.70

Delivery 1.30 

Model - EbonySaddle

Part shaped Saddle of good quality Ebony that is a bit darker than in the photograph. Will need a fair bit of shaping though the basic top shape is already in place.

Price 0.75

Delivery 1.30 

Model - PlainButton

Good quality plain ended violin button, Made from A grade Ebony and finished to a high polish. Will need fitting to the existing hole in your violin.

Price 0.95

Delivery 1.30 

Model - Button Paris

Nice quality end button with an attractive paris eye. Will need some slight adjusting to fit the violins existing end button hole and taper. A nice embelishment to your violin.

Price 1.65

Delivery 1.30 

Model - SoundPost3/4

Sound Post Material 3/4. A length of good quality Spruce specially machined so as to be suitable for the soundpost of a 3/4 size violin. Diameter 5.7mm, length 400mm approx. enough for about 6 violins.

Price 5.99

Delivery 3.30 

Model - SoundPost4/4

Sound Post Material 4/4. A length of good quality Spruce specially machined so as to be suitable for the soundpost of a full size violin. Diameter 6.2mm, length 400mm. enough for about 6 violins.

Price 6.75

Delivery 3.30 

Model - EbFingerBoard

Part finished finger board of A grade Ebony. Most of the work has been done it will just need final trimming before fitting to your violin.

Price 14.25

Delivery 3.30 

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