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Want to buy a violin, you're in the right place.

We have Violins for sale that are properly set up ready for young or adult beginner students right up to grade 8 and above. We pride ourselves on selling good value violins with a high level of Set-up ready for you to play. There is no extra charge for this, it's all part of the Violin Company Service.

Complete Beginner

Take a look at Hints and Tips there you will find lots of advice for Adult Beginners thinking of learning to play the violin or Mums and Dads who have suddenly been asked, by their offspring, to provide a violin for school. This will go some way to de-mystifying the strange world of the Violin and help you make a sensible choice.

Why we're different

We are violin specialists. We don't provide keyboards, trumpets, drums or guitars like your average music retailer. We really care about the quality of the violins we sell. Every one is carefully Set-up in our own workshop. We don't charge for this and we don't have various levels of set-up, all instruments are set up to a high standard, which makes them as playable as possible. You will probably notice that we don't sell the very cheapest violins. We don't like playing them ourselves so why should we inflict them on students. They are just not good value.

Buy a Violin with Confidence

Because we understand how difficult it can be to buy an instrument without playing it we offer a complete refund, should you decide within 14 days, that the violin is not for you. After 14 days we still refund but less our postage and packing costs. Some people have purchased two or three violins and having made a selection, returned the unwanted instruments, which we have refunded.

Why not Rent a Violin?

We have a very easy violin rental procedure for some of our instruments. Renting a violin can be a useful way of deferring the initial outlay and is especially helpful for the smaller size violins, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4, where students only use an instrument for a year or two before moving on to a larger size. Check out our Violin Rental Page

Violin Spare Parts and Violin Accessories

We keep good stocks of Acccessories such as spare Violin Bows, Rosin, Violin Strings, and Shoulder Rests . We're also increasing our range of Violin Parts,, Bridges, Pegs, Tailpieces, Fine Adjusters and even fingerboards, nuts and saddles. Check out the Violin Accessories section for those.

Delivery Policy and Terms & Conditions

You can read about our delivery policy and other terms and conditions here.

We love Violins more than anything and we really hope that buying a violin from us will start you on your very own love affair with this marvellous instrument..

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