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How To Rent a Violin from The Violin Company

Renting a violin is a good way for beginners to try the violin with minimum expense. Parents often rent the smaller size violins for their children, it spreads the cost and provides an easy upgrade path from one size to the next as the child grows.

We rent several violin models both new and used. If you look at our violins for sale pages you'll see that some models have a Rent This Violin alongside. If you click on one of the buttons you'll be shown the initial cost and the monthly rental price of that violin.

Our minimum rental period is three months so the initial payment is three months rental plus the delivery charge to you - approx £11.00


These are the steps involved in renting a violin from us.

Rent a Violin
Select a violin to rent and click on the Blue "Rent this Violin" button. Read the terms and conditions and then click on the payment button and either enter your PayPal details or credit card details to pay the initial three month rental.
We send you an Agreement
We process your rental and post two copies of a rental agreement to you. One copy you sign and return to us
We send you a Direct Debit authorisation request
After the initial three months we collect the monthly rental payments by Direct Debit using GoCardless. We send you an email from our account at GoCardless. On the email is a link to a secure area of their web site where you can enter your bank details and authorise us to take the monthly payment when the initial three months is up.
You return a signed copy of the agreement.
This will confirm your address, give us your telephone number and confirm that you accept the terms of the agreement. In order to speed things up we will accept a scanned PDF copy of the agreement sent by email.
You set up the direct debit at GoCardless
We can then set up the monthly payments starting at the end of the three month initial rental period.
We despatch the violin
We pack and arrange for the courier to collect the violin from us. We send you an email confirming the despatch and expected delivery date.

We will not send a violin until all these steps are complete.

Please Note: If you rent a violin for someone else to use, you remain responsible for the safe keeping of the instrument and the monthly payments. If you wish to have the violin delivered somewhere other than your address, please email us with the delivery address

Terms and Conditions of Violin Rental - The Agreement

1) We will rent a violin to you for as long as you wish, our minimum term is 3 months.

2) After two years of rental, you may keep the violin without further charge or we will trade it in at 50% of the original value against another violin.

3) At any time after 3 months you may return the violin and replace it with another on rental. This means you can move from one size to another without incurring further charges. We would like an email prior to you returning the violin.

4) You are responsible for the carriage charges for the violin when we send it to you and when you return it either at the end of the rental or for repairs. Typically £11.00

5) We will replace broken strings but only if the string breaks while being tuned by a music teacher and the replacement is fitted either by ourselves or by a music teacher. We will repair any damage caused in transit, if we cannot repair it we will replace the violin.

6) You are responsible for keeping the violin in good condition and for any breakages except strings. We recommend that you insure the instrument against damage. If the violin is damaged beyond repair then you will be liable for the full price of the violin less 75% of the rental paid. If you have been renting the violin for more than 13 months we will waive all charges as long as you continue with renting a replacement violin.

7) If you default on the rental payments you will be charged the full retail price of the violin. If your financial circumstances change and you have difficulty with repayments please email us so that we can sort something out before we feel forced to apply such draconian measures.

8) When you wish to terminate the rental agreement you must email us informing us of the termination and return the violin, securely packaged to ourselves as soon as possible. No monthly refunds will be made if you return the violin more than one week into the rental month.