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Details of New Primavera 200 Violin Outfit Full Size (4/4)

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

The New Improved Primavera 200 outfit is an even better quality violin than it's predecessor.

Hand made from selected tone woods, the new satin finish varnish is slightly darker and more opulent than the original.

The fingerboard, pegs and end button are of Ebony and the tailpiece is a lightweight composite version with four integral fine adjusters.

We adjust the pegs, bridge, string heights and soundpost when we set these violins up and though the tone is somewhat limited by the budget steel strings, fitted with as standard, they sound better than you'd expect.

The new bow has a Carbon Composite stick with an ebony frog and unbleached horsehair. Carbon Fibre has distinct advantages for student outfits, it's virtually indestructible, doesn't warp and won't loose its curve if left with the hair tight.

The new case is much smarter than the previous model and features Hi-Visibility reflective strips on the outside and a much stronger student proof handle. The inside is lined with a soft plush and there is a violin blanket to protect the instrument. We also supply a Yellow duster so that you can wipe off the rosin dust after playing.

The previous version of this violin won a Music Industry Award for the best value stringed instrument, this new version is even better and we wouldn't be surprised to see it win another award soon.

A good starter and improver violin outfit.

Customer Comments: Emma's teacher was very complimentary about the setup and tone of the new violin. She was even more surprised to see a Carbon Fibre bow with a violin of this price.

Price: £148.00


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Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin