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Details of New Gliga Genial 1 Student Violin Outfit

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

The Gliga Genial 1 is considered, by the Romanian Violin Maker Gliga, to be a beginners violin and as such is the lowest grade instrument that Gliga make.

Nevertheless this is a better than average instrument for the price. Gliga violins are made from very well seasoned European tonewoods. This makes the instrument light in weight and more resonant than some of the Chinese equivalents. This model has a nicely grained Spruce top and though the back and sides have very little flaming, the Maple has been well selected and is finely grained.

The Pegs, Fingerboard, End Button and Chinrest are of quality African Ebony and the instrument is nicely made and well finished.

We have fitted a light alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters and a set of Pirastro Violino synthetic cored strings. These strings suit the violin very well. They are very similar to Thomastic Dominants but settle in more quickly.

The violin plays very well. The A string being particularly well focused, a real advantage as the A string generally gets more use than the other strings. The G sting is not quite so warm in tone as the more expensive Gliga violins but this is still a warmer sounding instrument than Chinese instruments of this price.

The violin comes with an Octagonal Brazilwood bow, with unbleached white horsehair and an Ebony frog with Mother of Pearl inlay.

There is also a Hidersine 3V rosin all housed in a good quality dart shaped case with a waterproof black canvas exterior and a sumptuous coloured interior. In the case there is room for two bows and a compartment to hold the Rosin. Externally there is a zipped pocket to hold music books and manuscript.

Please note the colour of the internal lining changes from batch to batch but is generally a shade of red.

This is not the cheapest beginners outfit but probably one of the best. Very suitable for adult beginners or younger students moving up from a 3/4 sized instrument.

You can see an interesting video about Gliga Violins here

Customer Comments: A lovely warm sounding violin with excellent strings and the accessories too are beautiful. I am very happy with it, as is my teacher.

Our music teacher described it as a "joy to play with perfect action and lovely strings".

Price - £265.00


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Picture of Violin