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Details of New Hidersine Veracini Plus Fitted With Dominant Strings

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

The Veracini by Hidersine. Most violin players will know of Hidersine as manufacturers of many violin accessories including a wide range of Rosins.

The Veracini is a medium priced violin from them, a nice looking instrument with well selected figured Maple for back and sides and fine grained Spruce for the front. The pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece and end button of good quality Ebony. An added attraction is the sensitive antiquing and the slightly glossy varnish. This looks like a violin with some age and quality.

We tried setting this instrument up with the factory strings provided and though it was quite a nice sounding instrument we felt that it could be improved by fitting better strings. To this end we fitted a new set of Thomastik Dominants.

The result is a much improved sound and greater dynamic range. This is an instrument with plenty of volume when you need it but capable of consistent quiet playing.

You can see an appraisal of the instrument by Nicole Wilson, Principal 2nd Violin of the English National Opera.

The violin comes with a fully mounted Brazilwood bow, of course a Hidersine Rosin all in a lightweight oblong case with a Black waterproof fabric exterior and a Bluey Grey flock interior.

A very nice offering from a well established maker that will meet the needs of many students and improvers. Nicole Wilson felt it could even be good enough to go to music college.

A nice instrument at a nice price.

**Please note - this violin is fitted with an ebony, Paris eye tailpiece with one fine adjuster on the E string (as pictured). Some customers prefer to upgrade (£14.50) to a Wittner composite tailpiece with 4 adjusters, for ease of tuning. If you would like to upgrade to a Wittner tailpiece, please email us at**

Price - £399.00


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Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin