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Details of Nice old Bohemian Violin refurbished and in good playing condition

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

This is a well used Bohemian violin probably pre-First World War. It has a two piece back of nicely flamed Maple and the same quality has been used for the sides and neck. The front is of fine grained Spruce. The pegs, Finger Board, End Button and Chin Rest are of good quality ebony.

The edge work and purfling are nicely executed as is the scroll and internal blocks and lining. There are numerous small marks and scratches on the varnish commensurate with the age of the instrument.

The label reads, "A. Osmanek Saiten und Musik-Instrumenten-Fabrik. Schonbach bei Eiger (Bohmen)". A second label reads, "Antonius Stradiuarius Cremona. Faciebad Anno 1713". In other words a copy of a Stradivarius 1713 violin made at the Osmanek instrument works.

We have refurbished this instrument, replaced the worn out pegs with a new set of French type Ebony pegs. Also fitted a new French bridge and replaced the tiny original chin rest with a good quality Ebony Guaneri style example.

We have also replaced the old tailpiece with a modern Wittner lightweight version with integral adjusters, more suited to the new set of Dominant strings that have also been fitted.

We have retained the Pernambucco bow that came with the instrument, it's in quite reasonable condition and is very light at 52 grams and plays well.

The outfit is housed in an Oblong case with Black waterproof fabric exterior and red plush interior. There are holders for up to four bows and pockets for rosin and other nick nacks and a larger internal pocket for the Kun Shoulder Rest supplied and the detachable strap. The case is not new but is in very good condition apart from a small external tear in the bottom section.

It's a nice violin to play, quite resonant and well matched from string to string, you can hear a sound sample - here

Price: £599.00


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Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin