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Details of Czech Violin Number 347

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

This is one of a batch of violins that we purchased some time ago from a Czech luthier who was retiring and closing his workshop. He estimated that the violin was made around 1943 so 76 years old.

The violin has a label that reads Josef Klotz in Mittenwald an der Iser Anno 17. The rest of the date is missing and it's obviously a copy of another violin.

It has a one piece back of flamed Maple and a front of close grained Spruce. The fingerboard is of hardwood, not unusual for violins of this period. The varnish is not original, it has been refinished at some time and there are remains of what was left of the original varnish visible below. Despite that it's an attractive violin and will last another 100 years or so.

We received the violin as a carcass without fittings. We have performed a full setup and fitted new Ebony Pegs, a good quality Bridge, a new Sound Post, a lightweight Tailpiece with integral adjusters, a new Chinrest, an Ebony End Button and a set of Pirastro Violino strings.

The violin plays nicely with good balance from string to string and a pleasant tone on all strings with no signs of harshness, helped of course by the quality Pirastro strings. It holds it's tuning well, now the strings have settled down and the overall tone is improving as it gets more playing. We would expect it to improve further as it settles down and the strings bed in.

We are offering the violin as an instrument only at a very competitive price. If you would like us to supply this violin as an outfit with a case, bow and rosin, please email and we'll do our best to find something to meet your budget.

Price: £550.00


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Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin