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Details of Old Scottish Violin

Picture of Violin
Picture of Violin

A nice old Scottish violin in good playable condition. This violin is being sold on commission through our shop and is owned by a friend of The Violin Company. We are offering this violin as full 4/4 outfit including a very good quality carbon fibre bow, black case and Hidersine rosin, but would be happy to sell the violin on its own if preferred by the buyer.

We have performed a full set up on this violin to bring it up to its full playing potential, fitting new Rosewood pegs to match the fingerboard, and a good quality bridge, with strings adjusted to ideal playing height.

The violin has no label inside. The current owner believes that it is of Scottish origin.
It has a two piece Maple back and a front of close grained Spruce. The fingerboard is of Rosewood. The violin shows signs of high quality workmanship and has has an attractive rich, dark grain with a speckled effect on the back. The violin has an antique look, with a couple of very small dints in the top of the body, but these in no way effect the playability of the instrument.

The violin plays nicely with a clear bright tone and excellent projection, helped of course by the quality Pirastro strings. We think that this would be a fantastic choice of violin for a player with an interest in traditional music.

Please email for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Price - £675.00


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Picture of Violin