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Violin Tuners for Sale

If you don't have the advantage of a well tuned Piano or similar instrument then you'll need something to tune your violin strings to.

We supply the best of the electronic tuners.

Please note that we fit batteries and test every tuner before it is despatched so it's ready for you to use straight out of the box.



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Model - JT-20

The JT-20 Tuner is a simple clip on tuner, which in chromatic mode is suitable for tuning all musical instruments. The display changes colour from Red to Green when you are in tune. A quick acting needle shows whether you are sharp of flat of the note. The tuner senses the sound of the instrument using either a built in microphone or through vibrations detected at the clip. Though the clip is not big enough to clip onto the scroll of a violin it will easily clip onto one of the pegs.

Price - £5.25    Delivery - £3.90

Picture of Violin Tuner