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We Can Repair Your Violin

As well as selling you a nice range of Violins we can also repair or refurbish your existing instrument. Over the years your violin gets the odd ding, accumulates rosin and general grime, sometimes the bridge warps and strings, despite what some people expect, don't last forever. The pegs wear, cracks can appear in the Spruce table and in some cases the violin glue joints start to fail and the joint can vibrate and produce a nasty buzz.

We can fix all of those problems and many more, in a timely and cost effective manner. It's difficult to be exact with costs, until we have seen the instrument, but the chart below will give you an idea of the outlay involved.

Our service costs do not include the price of parts such as strings, bridges, pegs etc. We like to offer a choice of parts on appraisal as we recognise that each and every violin is as individual as the customer. We are happy for customers to provide their own strings for set-ups if preferred, but we can provide all parts at retail price from our website’s accessories section..

Please contact us for a no obligation quote and free assessment of your violin. Email - or give us a call on 07751 680223 to book your violin in for maintenance.

Labour Costs - All timings are approximate

Repair Type Time Cost
New Bridge 1.5 Hours From £50
Reshape Original Bridge 30 Mins From £15.00
Replace Top Nut 1 Hour From £30.00
Re-camber fingerboard 30 Mins From £15.00
Replace fingerboard 3 Hours From £80.00
Re-Glue fingerboard 45 Mins From £25.00
New sound post 1 Hour From £30.00
Replace Pegs 1.5 Hours From £45.00
Bow Rehair - including White Mongolian Horse Hair From £50.00
Service/MOT 1 hour From £30.00
Service/MOT includes a complete strip down, thorough clean and inspection, setup and adjustment as necessary and fitting of new strings (if required).


Violin on the bench having it's fingerboard being re-profiled
Re-profiling a fingerboard. Lots of black ebony shavings and dust.


Violin on the bench with clamps after being reglued
Lots of clamps to hold the top plate in place after re-glueing.



Violin on the bench with bridge templates
Selecting the bridge template for the new bridge



Tip of bow showing newly fitted wedge
Bow re-hairing - new wedge fitted to hold the hair at the tip.



Showing newly fitted hair at the frog
Bow re-hairing - nicely finished hair at the frog.